30 Minutes || 40
45 Minutes || 60

60 Minutes || 80


60 Minutes || 40

  1. Lessons are taken weekly according to the normal school terms and includes public holidays and student free school days.

  2. Lessons are conducted individually or in groups

    • Individual lessons are in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions.

    • Group lessons are only in 60 minute sessions and occur once/ twice a term.

  3. Lesson fee payments:

    • Individual Lessons are to be paid in full (by term payments) and no later than the first week of commencing lessons.

    • Group Lessons do not require term payments and can be paid per lesson.

    • An increase in fees will be implemented at the commencement of the new year. Parents/ students will be notified prior to the final week of the last term of the year.

  4. Missed Lessons:

    • Lessons missed through student non- attendance can only be replaced if I'm notified a day (or more) before the lesson.

    • Please DO NOT come to lessons if you're sick. Lesson missed can be replaced if notified a day (or more) before the lesson. Alternatively, lessons can be delivered via Skype/ FaceTime that week.

    • Fees are non- refundable and can not be deducted from next term's invoice.

    • Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be replaced. Replacement lessons will not be replaced again due to student non- attendance.

  5. Advance notice (last week of term) is required for termination of lessons.

  6. Students must always check to see that they have their music books, manuscript books, pencils, and note books when they come to lessons.

  7. Parents are advised to help their child establish regular practice routines, and to check their progress. It is expected that all students commit to practising  a minimum of 4-5 days per week.

  8. Families should allow an annual budget of approximately $160 ($40 per term) per student, for the purchasing of resources: hard copy sheet music, scale books, theory books, etc.   


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